Call Clooney!

1014 Rise of the Betas (2018-03-08)

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0:00:00ACC: “What was the point of going to see the little people and shoot hot dogs at them?”
0:00:39Amazon Echo’s new Hillary cackle, JCD’s Galaxy “turn right” playlist; Wired warns about San Francisco real estate drowning; Science Magazine: dangers underestimated by 3.7-99.9%
0:06:37Low Oscars viewership, JMD’s “I don’t like movies”, The Shape of Water and Project Blue Beam; Frances McDormand’s inclusion riders; Dolly Parton refuses to Trump-bash on Nightline; Icarus trailer “unimaginable level of criminality”; Show Biz Sandbox defends liberal bias
0:21:43Australian film festival winner Sacrificial Virgins on HPV vaccine casualties
0:24:38Hope Hicks e-mail hack, “any collusion?!” again; ABC on FBI “attempted hack from overseas” warning; MSNBC on White House “warring Jews tribes”, “West Wing Democrats”, Trump “all over the map” on trade wars; Jeffrey Toobin on Gary Cohn: “he managed to stomach the racism, what he couldn’t take was the tariffs”; Robert Reich: Trump “illiterate … ignorant about fundamentals, that is basically science”, “mad king”, JCD: “off with their heads!”
0:38:55Chris Matthews and Lawrence O’Donnell “chaos”-fest; ABC: staff turnover “higher than the past five administrations”, JCD: “what it tells me … is that Carter had more turnover”
0:46:18Maxine Waters to Joy Reid on Trump’s Gridiron Club “IQ test”: “I certainly expected him to come out with some racis’ remarks about me”, Reid: “mow the grass” comment “slap at immigrants, at Mexican-Americans”, Pelosi “mowing the grass so people can’t be smuggled through the grass”; Waters impeachment rant, “get ready for Pence in 2020”; Kurt Bardella to Reid: conservatives “are going to thankfully die off”, “complicit” in future mass shootings
0:58:22California states’ rights vs Sessions’ sanctuary city lawsuit; Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown demands apology for “mendacity of Washington”, repeated “Christian” meme, JCD: “even though he’s a Buddhist”, “press release politics”; Libby Schaaf “racist broad brush”; Woody Allen in Sleeper: government “worse than California”; “unhinged analysis” house ad
1:10:43Producer Segment: “tighter than Dick’s hatband”; ACC in Netherlands for SxSW
1:32:36Phrase From the Chaise: Comedy of the Week podcast “podge” on British “abbreves” culturally appropriated from Australians; “clew” precursor to “clue”; “Dick’s hatband” origins; exorcising TtK’s “awesome”; upcoming time change and threat of JCD oversleeping
1:40:18Heather Nauert walks into Matt Lee’s trap over “we’re not going to react” to Putin’s nuclear missile animation, gets pissy with RT, ACC: “totally Dimench B”, Gayane Chichakyan MIA
1:47:09Obama’s “no takin’ off your shoes” California high-speed line, 119-mile Bakersfield-Fresno stretch of track budget bumped by $2.8bn, land owned by corrupt California bureaucrats
1:52:52Sexual Harassment Update: Weinstein Company acquisition called off in light of additional debt, NYPD ready for arrest; Harvard professor Jorge Domínguez on leave over “decades” of wrongdoing, JCD on schemes to trade sex for better grades; BBC on rent for sex in UK: “cooking, cleaning, and oral once or twice a week”, Craigslist outed; ACC LatinX irony theory; Mark Cuban’s 2011 photo shoot finger-in-vagina assault; Stormy Daniels’ Trump lawsuit, lawyer’s slippery “no doubt in my mind”, “David Dennison” and “Peggy Peterson”
2:07:59Donation Segment: NAB “podcast pavilion”; UK Mothering Day special offer
2:26:13Account of UK Amazon warehouse job; Nigel Farage outs RyanAir’s Michael O’Leary’s Brexit hypocrisy; Peter Hitchens on EU “German Empire”; ACC invited to meet Dutch royalty
2:36:45Jordan Peterson on saving kids from radical education; Theresa May’s list of women in office
2:43:53Thundersnow and power outages in Northeast; JCD on wood-burning stove bans and water shortage surrounded by snow, ACC’s “snow ice cream”, JCD on round Irish boat at museum