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1013 Hypogonadism (2018-03-04)

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0:00:00JCD: “What’s your demo, you don’t have enough people in that group!” (1:28:04)
0:00:36JCD’s “pasture-raised” eggs, ACC: “have you ever not been under attack by ants in the studio?”; colony of 1.5 million Adélie penguins discovered in Antarctica; JCD’s Cornwall friends stranded by horrible British weather, Dutch “Siberian beast”, snow globe prediction
0:05:25Oscars best picture predictions; NPR It’s Been a Minute mulls “who-is-going-to-win-big”, “what movie will make me look the most woke?”; Jennifer Lawrence gripes to NewsHour “why did I not feel like I deserved equal pay” for American Hustle, no blame for her agency
0:20:17“Whore Index” Backpage Act passes Senate, Section 230 immunity reversal for sex trafficking; SCotUS to hear Outlook remote storage case, new CLOUD Act and global banking
0:32:27Brad Parscale to 60 Minutes: “Facebook is how he won”, staff “embedded inside our offices”, Lesley Stahl “what??”, Facebook Republicans, offer turned down by Hillary campaign (CotD)
0:41:50NPR on former Russian Senator Alexander Torshin’s NRA life membership and Trump access
0:46:18Trump trade war: “NBC News has learned that the President became unglued this week”, “it’ll be 25% for steel – it’ll be 10% for aluminum” mislabeled as “single sentence”, JCD: “the word is statement”; Mark Shields: White House “civil war in a leper colony”, JCD on cheap “glued together” implication; CNBC Republican talking points on minimal car and aircraft costs; JCD on Jefferson’s tariff increases and economic downturn, revised Trump Rotation
1:02:53CNBC explains issue with Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Stein on steel and aluminum as “vital defense commodities” in light of “the Cold War is heating up incredibly rapidly”; Shields’ theory on upcoming special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th district; “flubber” Justin Trudeau’s incoherent explanation; Trump sidestepping World Trade Organization
1:12:50Producer Segment: liberal “soy boys”; danger of 1.5x audio playback; “douche” aversion
1:31:38ACC on “Netflix recco” for Queer Eye: “everybody’s crying, me too I have to say”
1:36:47San Francisco car break-in epidemic revisited, JCD story: Union Oil chemical test values; barrage of gunfire for murder suspect in RV, “a total of 67 shots, nobody was hit”; man arrested in Reno wanted for 17 counts of murder in Bay Area; black Central Michigan University student shoots parents, ACC: “even if he killed them and ate them they wouldn’t run a story”
1:52:38NPR tackles Second Amendment repeal; JCD’s liberal journalists predicting H.R. McMaster departure and Trump resignation; New York Times asserting John Kelly wants Jivanka out
2:00:37Apple employees injured walking into glass walls at “spaceship” headquarters, fix with “regular stickers”, bored co-anchor: “what will they think of next?”; uptick in pedestrian deaths blamed on smartphones and legal weed; UK hysteria over Dutch “super skunk” marijuana
2:08:36NBA games playing “negro national anthem” Lift Every Voice and Sing
2:10:50Donation Segment: Sir Chris ’S Wonderful douchebag jingle; “chip in” e-mails to defeat NRA
2:22:09Details “deets” for Aric the Shill, “professional cowboy” on painless “cath”; Rock and Roll Geek Show’s Michael Butler: no NRA car rental deals or AR-15s at Dick’s Sporting Goods
2:25:12LA Times reporter Ken Dilanian outed as CIA drone shill; next round of Mueller indictments; Putin to Megyn Kelly: “you must have people with legal degrees”; Stephen Cohen on Clinton administration fixing 1996 Russian election for Boris Yeltsin, Time “Yanks to the Rescue”
2:37:57Emilio Estevez’ The Public film; flu season over, Young Sheldonwe’re all gonna die!”, CDC scientist missing; CT bill for parental consent-less Gardasil; ibuprofen and “hypogonadism”
2:47:02Ethiopian “mega-dam” on Nile opposed by Egypt and built by China; iHeartRadio doomed
2:52:45Republican backlash against Trump’s proposed trade war, Dow down 400 points