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1012 Value Convo (2018-03-01)

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0:00:00JCD: “Oh yeah, d’ya remember fat Betty?” (1:47:49)
0:00:32Snowing in UK and Rome, NHS severe cold and norovirus warning
0:01:58Predicted Hope Hicks resignation, “Jivanka” security clearance downgrade; alien-looking Ivanka with Korean notables at Olympics; Kelly blamed for hiring Rob Porter; BBC on both Jared & Ivanka losing clearance, Kushner’s 666 Fifth Avenue; ABC “sources” squealing on Hicks’ “white lies” for Trump Rotation, reporter’s yelled “any collusion?!”, “thank you Donald Trump!” pseudo-whipsaw, written reminder for Parkland families, now blamed for Trump Tower memo
0:16:05MSNBC conflates DNC and Hillary e-mails; all military intelligence outsiders jettisoned; Cecilia Vega on “fourth communications director”, Rachel Maddow’s full-screen casualty list
0:22:39CNN on “sinister partnership” between Kim Jong-un and Assad, UN “secret investigation” into chemical weapons supplies like “valves and thermometers”, absurd “North Korea has the world’s largest stockpile of chemical weapons”; Heather Nauert: “I’ve seen reports of that report”, anthrax vaccine for British soldiers, resignation of top US Korea negotiator
0:29:51USA Today on Oprah 2020: “I … went into prayer about it”, ACC: “please let Oprah run!”
0:33:50ACC reports on new Austin library homeless population: “each floor had at least three clearly identifiable people experiencing homelessness”; New York City libraries distributing Narcan
0:39:10Ella Fitzgerald annoys JCD with ’S Wonderful “in my humble fash / with a tender pash”; JCD on Internet Archive cache of 1925-1935 recordings, recent The Fat Man discovery; ACC annoying word of the day: “the sitch” from Kim Possible, “she was kinda hot”
0:44:58ABC on Republicans “livid” at Trump’s gun control position, “you’re afraid of the NRA”; Equality Florida activist Nadine Smith to Joy Reid pushing No NRA Money pledge outfit, “grassroots effort” lie; NPR piece on survivor living on social media, mother’s Kardashian-style “how are you feeling right now, for real, tell me what’s going on in your mind and stuff”
0:55:02Teacher with gun barricaded in classroom, “the only person with a gun was the teacher”; Lawrence “stop the hammering!” O’Donnell: “2,182 miles per hour … that’s what those kids were trying to outrun”; David Muir on shooter’s “stunning amount of ammunition”, swastika on magazine; school building to be demolished, returning students provided with “lots of therapy dogs, also ponies, and a goat”, ACC: “what is it with goats?!
1:09:05War on Crazy: American Academy of Pediatrics calls for teen depression screening; two Tulare County middle school girls arrested for school threat, “a gun and ammunition in their home”; obesity drug Contrave “is believed to work on two areas of the brain”, teen suicide risk
1:18:40Producer Segment: “douchebag” answering machine message; Indian casino rejecting $50 bills
1:33:14“Say hi to your cats” iso; Dianne Feinstein loses party endorsement, sexual harassment accusation rampant; Montclair CA bans distracted walking, New York Times blames marijuana
1:38:07Trump’s Facebag engagement down after algo change; Southern Poverty Law Center and other “trusted flaggers” policing YouTube, ACC predicts “sosh net ledge”; British children unable to hold pencils, Japanese strollers with iPad holders; social media ditching trend; Washington Free Beacon podcast Right and Righter drifts off into vapid The Bachelor discussion
1:51:28University of Arizona study on workplace “queen bee syndrome”; graph showing 21% of women forced to have workplace sex; Marie Claire: menstrual cramps as painful as heart attack
1:57:46New Zealand to cull invasive rabbit population with RHDV1-K5 hemorrhagic virus
1:59:55ABC on Jeff Sessions “firing back” at Trump, “let me do the job as I see fit, or fire me” lie; Mike Rogers to Armed Services Committee: no go-ahead to act against Russia; PBS “experts” on Russian election behavior: “no records were altered or deleted”, JCD on voting with temporary ballot, “scanned by Russian IP addresses”, idiotic “sow distrust” meme
2:11:45San Francisco tech shuttles “hit with bullets from either a BB gun or a rifle”
2:16:00ACC’s music business friend doing Initial Coin Offering, No Agenda cryptocurrency plans
2:20:06Donation Segment: JCD “dodged the bullet” with Barbara Boxer
2:33:30Major Garrett trying to use radio voice on The Takeout podcast, Jim Lewis on Obama administration suggesting leak of Putin’s “Botox injection schedule”
2:36:24ACC on history repeating itself with illegal aliens worth fractional votes and cheap labor; Justin Trudeau on common business complaint “you’re not bringing in enough immigrants”
2:38:57Deutsche Bahn gives up on ill-conceived scheme to name train after Anne Frank
2:40:05Dutch journalists going after Michael Wolff over Trump affair allegation, “I can’t hear you, hello?”, tour cancelled; Dick’s Sporting Goods native ads after changing gun sales policy
2:43:42Santa Cruz homeless encampment to be moved to new facility costing $90k per month, JCD: “why don’t they just give them the money?”, ACC: “why don’t they just build a library?”