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1011 Vasectomies & Dogs (2018-02-25)

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0:00:00ACC: “Whoo! Whooh-whooh! Shut up, mom, what are you doing?” (1:07:35)
0:00:35JCD’s Jarrow Formulas vitamin B-12, Woolsey nyum, nyum, nyum, nyum
0:01:45Democrat memo claims independent source implicating Carter Page, Adam Schiff vs Devin Nunes; CBS multi-culty Reena Ninan on “dueling memos”, “dozens of new charges” from Mueller; PBS on attorney Alex van der Zwaan guilty plea, JCD: “is the FBI running the investigation?”; The Atlantic on Manafort working with Podesta Group in Ukraine; One America News on Clinton-Rosatom Uranium One deal; Manafort changing GOP Russia position
0:18:30Adrian Chen article on Internet Research Agency’s “playing both sides” business model; baffled Chris Hayes’ “remarkably effective model” vs “isn’t all that effective”; ACC Charles Ortel interview, Hillary deflecting guilt onto Russians; Manafort’s Trump pitch via Tom Barrack
0:34:52“Trump kiss of death” for Jared Kushner leaving interim security clearance up to John Kelly
0:39:54Top two Russian Olympic skaters outshone by younger competitors; FBI investigating college basketball recruitment for NBA, NCAA rules elevated to federal statute level; JCD on college football players exploited for “bogus degree”; Spot the Spook: former NFL cornerback Charles Tillman now an FBI agent; “alarming tip” about animal-killer Nikolas Cruz ignored by FBI
0:55:17No Agenda house ad: “expert commentary, wild conjecture, tech news, wine tips”
0:58:06Producer Segment: annoying QAnon riddles on 4chan; “spread eagle” skating maneuver
1:18:13Broward County sheriff Scott Israel on importance of tips in 2016 airport shooting, to Jake Tapper on ignoring Cruz tips: “I’ve led this county proudly”,“I’ve given amazing leadership to this agency”, ACC: pathological liar; JCD on cowardly Broward police, safest county rating
1:26:44@thelastrefuge2 thread on Broward coverup of delinquency and major crimes to score grant money, stolen goods falsification, students recruited by gangs due to arrest immunity, cushy school cop jobs, ACC on Six-Week Cycle parallel; producer note on “restorative justice” by administrators to keep suspension numbers down, NAACP extortion; infinite growth myth
1:39:25Parkland student Colton Haab on scripted CNN town hall question, interrupted by Tucker Carlson before reading it; 2016 school shooting in shooting-proof Canada revisited, illegal to report on crimes still in court system; producer notes on gamer recruitment, drone controls based on Xbox, FOIA documents on military involvement in game development; “Antidepressants Work for Treating Depression” headline, exception “treatment resistant depression”
1:54:05Berkeley High School to cut two police positions, students all-in on more cops; CBS on three more deputies who didn’t enter school; Van Jones compares NRA to KKK; Wayne LaPierre “oh how socialists love to make lists”, takes credit for NICS; companies ending NRA discounts; JCD on dumb Windows Vista ad; Cinemark bag ban for “gun safety”; Carry Guard insurance
2:17:49Donation Segment
2:28:39Mark Cuban $600k fine #MeToo exit strategy, “who doesn’t have a podcast at this point?” iso
2:30:31Sexual Harassment Update: Peter Newell, Lawrence Krauss, Austin maestro Richard Buckley
2:34:15Spotify sends ACC to Tony Bennett event; Robo-rosa’s PhD & Clinton White House stint
2:37:45Ask Adam: “she changed that convo”; “Berkeley hummer” Jill Abramson on impeaching Clarence Thomas; new Austin library full of homeless, JMD spots San Francisco poop
2:45:05Dutch Parliament scraps Ukraine referendum; Warren MI tire-destroying pothole; Marco Rubio concerned about Chinese “Confucius Institutes”; NYT on Afghan TAPI “Peace Pipeline”
2:53:58Amnesty International on Trump “hateful reality”; Dalhousie University position closed to whites, Muslim “racialized student”; workers fired for racist NYU Black History Month menu