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1010 Spin the Bottle (2018-02-22)

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0:00:00JCD: “Yeah, because I had something hot that had to come out of the oven, I’m lookin’, lookin’ left, lookin’ right, lookin’ left, lookin’ right, there’s a towel, there’s the oven mitt, I said, well, let me use the oven mitt.” (2:13:15)
0:00:41Producer notes Florida shooting “zero cryers” at White House event, Andrew Pollack on daughter shot nine times: “we shoulda fixed it”; D.C. school TSA stopgap; first major school shooting 1996, pharma advertising from 1997, Assassination Generation on violent video games; Samuel Zeif claims person “bought an AR-15 in five minutes, with an expired ID”
0:13:58Producer note on nonretention of NICS records, JCD on disappearance of “Question Authority”; Whittier CA school shooting plot foiled; April walkout appropriated by March On; ACC on flight simulator effectiveness, Matt Bevin on violence desensitization and pharmaceuticals, JCD’s kids playing Grand Theft Auto, US Army tank simulator, Columbine video game tactics, The Last Starfighter; reversal of Obama Social Security check rule; ACC call for repeal
0:32:54“Crisis actor” David Hogg coached by CNN, “okay, you’re fine”, standard procedure for news media, ACC: “you chicken shit cowards!” for child abuse; Hogg media compilation “children are dying” meme, cue card read, NRA “child murderers”, “multifaceted” & “action” memes, gushing media pundits; Donald Trump Jr. “like” for crisis actor “conspiracy theory” tweet
0:48:48Shooter’s $880k inheritance squabble, brother committed under Baker Act; USA Today toxic masculinity article; poorly-timed Chris Rock “I want to see white mothers on TV crying” on Netflix, Chicago stats; JCD on media guilt over getting Trump elected
0:57:07Andrew Ross Sorkin suggests to CNBC that credit card issuers deny AR-15 and bump stock purchases; White House leaning toward banning “all guns for some people” vs AWB; JCD on “when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns” mantra, “Trump is Hitler” logic misfire; demented activist Gary Kaskel tries to talk ACC out of domain
1:07:42Producer Segment:
1:17:09Austin building to be imploded, JCD on smokestack demolition with massive dust plume
1:18:41Dr. Drew predicts bubonic plague and murine typhus in Los Angeles homeless encampments, co-host: “come for the sunsets, stay for the plague”, homeless as nuisance to be removed, bicycle disassembly under influence of meth; Everyone’s Leaving San Francisco jingle
1:23:42Commentator Chad Salmela goes nuts over Jessie Diggins’ cross country win: “it’s not just a medal, it’s the gold!”; Dutch skater Jan Blokhuijsen apologizes for Korean dog-eating comment
1:28:56Ask Adam: Lucifer “if you’re being all superfish and whatevs”; Omarosa “Robo-rosa” Manigault on paying for meals on Air Force One; Nancy Reagan blindsided by travel bill
1:35:34Sexual Harassment Update: “philandering douchebag” Mark Cuban and Mavericks “rampant sexual misconduct”, Donald Sterling’s racism toward black girlfriend; #MeToo Cristina Garcia “spin the bottle” firing; International Red Cross orgies; “annoys or molests a child” revisited
1:43:16Climategate: Idaho schoolchildren playing global warming tag, “there aren’t two sides of the issue”, Republican “I don’t care if students come up with the conclusion that the earth is flat”, Trump and danger of “denying our children really important information that they’re going to need”; HPV vaccine for cancer of penis, more effective when administered young, authority replacing “science!”; ACC on Dutch mocking US commercial television, all-in on Black Friday
2:02:47Donation Segment: JCD’s Michigan oven mitt; spurious ACC “yay!” in karma jingle
2:17:43JCD’s quest for national anthem replacement, James Brown Living in America; PBS anti-President’s Day rant, ACC: “this is how they’ll get rid of cash”; black opera singer Jessye Norman: Star Spangled Banner “unsingable”, all-in on America the Beautiful
2:25:56“Japanese robot woman” Jennifer Lawrence “fix our democracy” hiatus promoting Red Sparrow; Black Panther called out for lack of gay characters; transgender billionaires manipulating curricula: Jennifer Pritzker, transhumanist Martine Rothblatt, Ruderman Family Foundation
2:32:14Fox News quotes Trump “chaos” tweet: “get smart, America”; NewsHour on troll factory spending “over a million dollars per month”, voter suppression concerns because “people are going to be distrusting the system”, “the goal is to discredit Western democracy as we know it, which then gives Russia a better seat at the bargaining table”, JCD: “what bargaining table?”; operation run by bakery mogul; PBS house ad: “a safe space for young children to learn and grow”; PBS on “meritless” Tavis Smiley breach of contract suit
2:46:15Ruderman Foundation PSA: demands suspension of relations over Polish “Holocaust denial”
2:50:50Facebag considering advertiser residency verification via postcard; producer encourages ACC to use ProtonMail encryption, voidzero recommends US Postal Service
2:53:37Lock of George Washington’s hair found in Union College library book