Call Clooney!

100 A Squirrel Walks Into A Bar (2009-05-31)

Show 100 album art
0:00:00No Agenda Countdown
0:02:22Nonexistent “lost” Episode 22, “controversial” Show 100, Bob Dylan jingle from Geoff Smith; ACC in Amsterdam; Susan Boyle loses Britain’s Got Talent, “360 deal” recording contract indentured servitude, JCD on “dummy contracts” in book business
0:12:55ACC’s legal action with gossip paper over CC licensed “dope-smoking” aviation photo
0:18:39Bush Library raises $100M in 100 days, ACC: “is this going to be made of gold?”, delays in Clinton Library fundraising, JCD: Bush Library to contain “comic books”; Obama fundraising dinner, donation request e-mails
0:21:55Silvio Berlusconi’s New Year’s party for 50 young women; Obama administration demands reversal of Humboldt County California measures to prevent military recruiters to contact minors, ACC: “hey kids, you get an armband just for showing up to the rally!”
0:24:58UK demand for squirrel pie on the rise; JCD blames sous-vide technique for recent food poisoning death; Schwabe’s Unmentionable Cuisine, I’m a Celebrity‚ĶGet Me Out of Here witchetty grub eating, breast milk and fork-holding controversies; ACC on eating at College Hotel in Amsterdam with first-year hospitality students; first mention of Ms. Micky; HEMA department store underwear
0:40:23Man arrested in Seattle for zombie costume and fake machine gun; fuss over CVC’s boyfriend Dexter leaving bag unattended; eight-year terrorism cycle; New Zealand parrot steals passport
0:44:14And Now Back to real News: Arkansas murderers escape prison in guard uniforms made there
0:45:29Robert Gibbs insults British press over suppressed Iraqi sexual torture photos
0:46:31Squirrel stealing American flags from Port Huron MI cemetery
0:47:01US money-printing and $100bn for IMF, rising unemployment, JCD: “business cycle”; JCD on “petite male” Robert Reich, “novelty fuck”; Russian scientist: Tunguska event was UFO ramming meteor to save earth
0:54:41The Guardian on UN “flood of drugs” in Afghanistan to devalue it
0:58:21Man crashes pickup truck after swerving to avoid squirrel, JCD: “the automatic reaction I have is to gun it”; pest control company owner charged with animal cruelty for trapped squirrel
1:00:30ACC on “all the high but none of the death” e-cigarettes; Russian airline passengers film UFO; producer note on e-cigarette propylene glycol, ACC on crappy commercial tobacco
1:05:59Donation Segment: HEMA embroidered Knight underwear; layaway program
1:11:06Police advised of injured squirrel on 500 block of 7th Street; No Agenda mutual fund
1:12:54Outro: JCD & Horowitz all-in on ETFs; Russians subsisting on spoiled food; prototype