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1009 Best Codpiece (2018-02-18)

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0:00:00ACC: “Small civics lesson, people!” (0:21:08)
0:00:33“Cold snap” phrase from the chaise; Horowitz visits ACC, Tequila Podcast jingle
0:04:12San Francisco $1.8M median house; “maximize density” legislation; Stockton UBI experiment
0:08:30Olympic hockey defeat by Russia; Russia House infused vodka with Horowitz, “I think we drunk called you”, hangover cure NAC N-acetyl cysteine, 3:00 am “you’re woke” side effect
0:14:38Mueller indicts Russians “trying to undermine confidence in American democracy”; “democracy in danger” compilation, ACC: “what democracy?”; unregistered foreign agents and RT, post-election Facebook activity; ABC conflates Robert Mueller with FBI, “chaos” meme; Hillary celebrates “the right of people to have access to the internet, it is freedom of speech”
0:31:32James Woolsey to Laura Ingraham on screwing Russia via oil prices, enigmatic “two fuels to choose from”; New York banker fed up with Tesla; Woolsey on meddling in foreign elections “for the good of the system”, on doing so now: “well… nyum, nyum, nyum, nyum”; Jerrold Nadler’s FDR denying Pearl Harbor parallel, Denny Heck: indictment reads like “spy novel”
0:44:17“Russian version of Blackwater” mercenaries killed by US airstrikes in Northeastern Syria
0:49:28ACC on reality TV model The Truman Show; “Trump-bot” Omarosa on White House tramp
0:55:25Producer Segment: ACC’s Echo crapping out due to drawing too many amps over USB
1:04:57FBI failure with Nikolas Cruz “professional school shooter” YouTube comment; TSA testing facial recognition at LAX; Philip Mudd: “I think we oughtta violate privacy”; Trump’s Obama policy reversal; Will My School Be Next campaign; ACC on Second Amendment repeal
1:15:54CBS “powerful messages” for screaming shaven-headed girl “blaming the victims”; Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin on video games & psychotropic drugs; MKULTRA and William Cooper’s 1991 “Orion” process to provoke school shootings; Al Sharpton “notice anything substinative missing?” on mental health, “automatic military-style weapons”; AR-15 ArmaLite Rifle
1:29:48NRA’s $5M lobbying vs pharma $3.8bn; UK “ground zero for globalism”; Pixar’s John Lasseter and principal’s “I will hold you as long as you need me to”; KTVU FBI hit piece, call for Wray resignation; “thoughts & prayers” outrage vs prayer vigil; Rick Scott mental illness meme
1:42:12“Trained gun owner” Ben Dickmann turns in AR-57 to be “placed into evidence”; student: “we were expecting a drill”; Jimmy Kimmel scolds Trump for inaction: “you said it after Sandy Hook”; handguns replaced by rifles as gun ban fodder; ACC calls out Kimmel: “you’re racist”; LeBron James & Kevin Durant video: “appointed person” doesn’t understand people
1:55:28Steven Paddock autopsy puts time of death a day after he shot himself
1:57:30Pun-studded CBS story about risk from acrylamide in coffee: lawsuit “grinding on for years”
2:01:48Scott Adams to The Rubin Report: “George Clooney has game” 2020 potential
2:06:03Donation Segment: “douchebagging the dead”; Dude Named Ben revisited; “best codpiece”
2:18:32Potty-mouth do-gooder Dan Peña on global warming absent from Florida condo prospectuses
2:25:53Brawling family kicked off cruise ship; former Seattle mayor pedophilia accuser found dead; school coach arrested for “molesting and annoying” students; 60k UN rapes & 3300 pedophiles
2:32:08PBS The Great War on Woodrow Wilson and anti-free speech Sedition Act; Wilson’s stroke leading to conspiracy and “first female president”, Henry Cabot Lodge and League of Nations
2:41:43Day Trader jingle; Anatoly Aksakov on “dollar 2.0” Bitcoin as creation of intelligence agencies
2:44:50CIA argues in court for redacting FOIA’ed information released to “trusted reporters”; agencies warn about phones made by ZTE and “best price” Cisco competitor Huawei
2:49:22Black Panther superhero film, “this doesn’t concern you” Facebag posts aimed at white people