Call Clooney!

1008 Ghost Guns (2018-02-15)

Show 1008 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Eyeworms.” (2:41:22)
0:00:31Venice gondolas sitting in mud due to drought, JCD: “I bet you it stinks to high heaven”
0:06:29Shots fired at SUV trying to enter NSA headquarters, similar incident in 2015 with two cross-dressing men, JCD theory on cross-dressers working for NSA, Mandela effect
0:12:22Parkland Florida school shooting: David Muir summary, shooter Nikolas Cruz arrested in nearby town after fleeing with students, mental health clinic treatment, pre-jail hospital visit; fire and active shooter drills, mobile crime lab promptly on scene; JCD tracking device theory; female student on talking to shooter, “yes sir”, “obviously definitely another shooter involved”
0:25:32NewsHour on Trump’s aim to end divisions “without a traumatic event affecting Americans”, ACC DACA conjecture; Ray Kelly spews baseless conjecture at Stephanopoulos: “I would bet that there’s an element of bullying involved here”; FBI profiler draws Adam Lanza parallel; 18 school shootings meme; Trump-hater Cecilia Vega: no “serious public policy conversation about gun control”; Nancy Pelosi & Kamala Harris political tweets vs Melania Trump’s prayers
0:35:41Ask Adam: ATF reports 190k guns lost or stolen from police in 2012, JCD: “good luck with your gun control!”; hoplophobe CBS reporter builds Glock “ghost gun” 80% lower receiver kit
0:43:18Omarosa Manigault warns about Mike Pence replacing Trump, ACC “weaponized” theory, CIA PR department, Dimension B evangelical hate; JCD on Big Brother gay Ross character
0:50:22Stanford researcher on “gaydar” AI, danger of “a government like Uganda or Chechnya”
0:57:34The Daily and Pod Save America podcasts moving to NPR and HBO respectively
0:59:46Producer Segment: ACC’s Mevio “thanks for showing up”; Unilever going 100% brand-safe
1:24:53Dick Durbin on necessity of low-skilled immigrants for “tough … dirty” jobs, ACC on Democrat “essentially slave labor” Civil War fractal, JCD on Mexican and Asian immigrants taking over food businesses; Dianne Feinstein in 1990s on “competition for space” with Mexico
1:35:18Dismal Olympics coverage, stuffed animals on podium, waiting for “luge girl crash”, #SeeHer
1:40:46Sexual Harassment Update: snowboarder Sean White “gossip” apology; On Point host Tom Ashbrook fired; classical stations grappling with censorship of recordings by Levine and Dutoit; Anand Giridharadas to Joy Reid: Trump “commander in chief of American rape culture”
1:51:43Katie Couric apologizes for Dutch ice skating “transportation” comment after flurry of mocking tweets; Pyeongchang “5G experiment” for drones, driverless cars, and “gadget users”, JCD: “nobody’s using this stuff … this is a bogus report”, CDMA vs GSM “battles and murders”
1:57:54Elon Musk aiming to launch swarm of LEO satellites for “broadband from space”
2:00:06Sony apologizes for triggering shitstorm over Peter Rabbit food allergy portrayal; Marketplace on Chinese “social credit” blacklist, “those with bad credibility will be punished” (BCotD)
2:08:05Eric Weinstein on the left refusing to listen to the likes of Fox News, “the person is trying to say, don’t worry, I haven’t spoken to anyone outside of our cult” (BCotD)
2:13:39Donation Segment: Lost Connections prompts flurry of meetup demands
2:25:17$100k CIA ransom for stolen NSA software and “bonus” Trump dirt; Victoria Nuland to Face the Nation on passing Trump dossier from Chris Steele to FBI; Mike Morell on China “weaponizing social media”; Dutch Foreign minister resigns over lying about Putin meeting
2:36:28Trump plan to replace food stamps with Blue Apron style service, APRN stock skyrockets
2:37:45Purdue ceasing OxyContin promotion to doctors; new and improved meth on black market
2:41:11Oregon cattle eyeworm case; San Francisco Valentines Day pillow fight; Berkeley pot sanctuary city law; George Banks resignation; Stormy Daniels payoff; “cherry-picked memo” compilation