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1007 Tactical Frustration (2018-02-11)

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0:00:00JCD: “She looks like William Shatner.” (1:50:39)
0:00:32Olympic figure skating spills and glittery commentators, punishment for Russian athletes, Illuminati opening; Katie Couric: “skating is an important mode of transportation in a city like Amsterdam”; Kenyan Über driver on Obama’s fluent Swahili; “best podcast” Echo reboot
0:11:40White House speechwriter David Sorensen and aide Rob Porter resign over spousal abuse, ABC Trump-hater Cecilia Vega “defending” whipsaw, Tom Barrack “not interested” in John Kelly’s job, Porter ex-wife “verbal and emotional abuse”, JCD: “he’s not gonna get good reviews”, Duke and University of Virginia rape frauds; Vega lies about defense of Roy Moore “violence against women”, needling over Jared Kushner’s interim security clearance
0:28:22ACC on White House “black widow”, “any man Hope Hicks touches, gets fired”, Gary Cohn and John Kelly up next, palms on man’s chest; Hillary coughing fit at Makers Conference, JCD: “she’s trying to cough up a baby — small lizard” (CotD); JCD “white widow” Jared Kushner affair theory, Obama administration Shirley Sherrod firing scandal
0:39:38Sexual Harassment Update: Congressional Accountability Act to require out-of-pocket settlements and waive nondisclosures, claims under oath; New York Times list of 71 high-profile men fallen from power, 28-suspension addendum; #MeToo activist California Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia accused of 2014 softball game butt grab, JCD: “she was plastered!”
0:53:43ACC mistaken for Prof. Jordan Peterson at Flower Child eatery; Peterson to Vice: “how ‘bout no makeup in the workplace?”, JCD on “dolled up” women in Texas and Georgia
0:59:26Producer Segment: Johann Hari’s Lost Connections, new meetup regime to combat depression
1:25:33Why You Eat What You Eat author Rachel Herz to Book TV on using smell to suppress appetite, loud noises suppressing sweet/salty tastes via chorda tympani nerve, eating more in groups; Lost Connections on childhood sexual abuse linked to obesity
1:35:50Mattis’ no evidence of Syrian sarin use vs Heather Nauert “we also know that chemical weapons use is enabled by Russia”, “this is a top issue for us”; massive 2015 Golan Heights oil field discovery; JCD on sorely-missed Gayane Chichakyan; Genie Energy subsidiary Afek drilling rights, advisory board including Cheney, Woolsey, and Rothschild; PBS on Israeli plane and Iranian drone shot down; JCD on video of Jacob Rothschild accosted by kid on the street
1:49:04Victoria Nuland “looking a little rough”, “fuck the EU” revisited; Ukraine “didn’t even want to join the EU” Politico lie, “we” had 200k protestors in street, “it wasn’t a strategic frustration, it was a tactical frustration!”, Susan Glasser “look at the language we use in public now” Trump needle, “yeah no, I certainly knew that they were hearing the conversation”, “I should be grateful that they used a tape rather than polonium, right”, cagily admits e-mail breach
2:06:35Donation Segment
2:17:11Newsweek Media Group raided for “fraudulent online traffic practices” for government ad buy, JCD on editors vs publishers, arbitrage model and click farms; H.R.4935 Journalist Protection Act definition “employee, independent contractor, or agent of an entity or service that disseminates news or information”
2:29:38Emotional support hamster banned by Spirit Airlines flushed, Leaving on a Jet Plane jingle
2:31:12CBSN vocal fry guy on Trump’s military parade; “we may do something like that on July fourth”; Schumer in 2014 calling for “grand event”; Obama stock market boasting compilation
2:41:31The 15:17 to Paris veteran/actor’s callous “luckily we don’t have PTSD” to Tucker Carlson
2:49:18George Soros’ £400k anti-Brexit campaign; 2014 class-action suit against Facebook in EU