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1006 Congressional Jignitty (2018-02-08)

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0:00:00JCD: “I got new fresh meat!” (0:40:31)
0:00:35ACC’s Die Walküre Cinco de Mayo botch, impending fire alarm inspection
0:03:32Super Bowl LII “called it” with Eagles win, America the Beautiful anthem, pervasive social justice messages in ads; Gisele Bündchen “let someone else win” for kids; Philadelphia “army of ants” rioters taking selfies; JCD on game scoring systems promoting victory from behind, endless commercial timeouts, annoying announcers; NFL “rigged” lawyer found dead in BMW
0:17:31John Perry Barlow dead at 70, JCD: “weird radical”, ACC on EFF non-role in MTV lawsuit
0:21:48Stephanie Ruhle on market woes: VIX short “barbed wire thong”; DH Unplugged Yellen blame, ACC on individual investors suckered into Bitcoin, blame for “cryptos and the algos”
0:29:41SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch with Elon Musk’s personal Tesla roadster payload; “lucky lucky fellow space geek” Rachel Crane, “oh, there’s a sonic boom! woo!”; Tesla mannequin in studio at 33 minutes into video, David Rockefeller corpse theory, Star Man flat earth jingle
0:36:45Bill Burr on Amazon Echo: “I don’t know why people would voluntarily bug your own house”; leaked Anthony Weiner address book, ACC: “John would love this as a mailing list!”
0:42:17Nancy Pelosi’s eight-hour DACA speech: “treat this house with the jignitty it deserves”, racist not-brown-enough grandson story; Democrat “hostage” meme, border wall opposition and “we are not your bargaining chip” protest; John Kelly “too lazy to get off their asses” shitstorm
0:54:43Chuck Schumer extols budget compromise; $300bn spending boost, “fix the military” meme, JCD on cuts to budget increases; Mo Brooks laments trillion-dollar deficit: “the only folks who should be voting for this are the debt junkies who love unsustainable spending bills”
1:04:34Fox News on “Trump wants a parade” meme, “very costly at a time when defense budgets are a real issue”, Kim Jong-un vs Super Bowl, Shep Smith proposes “little mini replicas”
1:12:26Producer Segment
1:23:10Spot the Spook: John Brennan now at NBC; “former” FBI Josh Campbell on leaving agency “in order to defend it”; Carter Page to Laura Ingraham on single meeting with Trump team, awkward reference to Hawaii trip , absurd Igor Sechin offer of 19% of Rosneft valued at $11bn, lawyering up vs “I sent a letter to Director Comey”, “I’d be happy to help out again”
1:40:03Page “never did anything of that variety” to Daily Caller; Eagle Scout, Armed Services Committee fellowship, run afoul of Clinton campaign, “good friends” with Chris Stevens; defamation suit against Broadcasting Board of Governors and Oath Inc; Andrew Napolitano on Chris Steele’s potential UK espionage charge for being with both MI6 and FBI, “explains the ferocity with which the FBI tried to prevent this from coming out” (CotD)
1:55:31NBC on voter registration systems “compromised by the Russian government”, DHS’ Jeanette Manfra: “targeting of 21 states”, name removal “creating chaos”, J’Johnson worried about states’ inaction for midterms; Cynthia McFadden “senior intelligence official” vs 2013 Thomas Drake account of “unauthorized” contact with press, JCD: “the guy did it on orders”
2:07:20Producer note on advertising trend “authenticity”, value of social media responsiveness
2:10:48Donation Segment
2:25:39Asparagus and breast cancer; ACC on restaurant lapdog; NYT on millennials not reproducing
2:31:53Irish Parliament internet filter blocking “alternative beliefs”; Theresa May calling for law against abuse of public figures on social media; Justin Trudeau corrects “mankind”
2:36:19Rex Tillerson warns about Russian midterm election antics; Jalen & Jacoby “podfather” theft
2:38:16Headless Disneyland characters; Pompeo likens WikiLeaks to al-Qaeda (CotD); 1941 Spam ad