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1005 Circular Reporting (2018-02-04)

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0:00:00JCD: “Ooh, guns, eh.” (2:40:40)
0:00:38JCD’s Miles West Country tea and ACC’s sleepy time tea with CBD
0:01:36Super Bowl LII: “let’s go, let’s go!” iso, predicted Eagles win
0:02:50Devin Nunes memo “endangers national security” compilation; JCD’s memo-writing seminar; “dangerous” vs “nothing-burger” meme compilation, Van Jones callback; PBS “highly contentious congressional memo on the Russia investigation”; Michael Isikoff Skullduggery podcast on Christopher Steele’s journalist contacts, ACC on election meddling by UK, Fusion GPS’ Glenn Simpson a former journalist, Isikoff’s Russian Roulette book with David Corn
0:19:14PBS on likelihood of Rod Rosenstein firing, FISA request dated a month after Carter Page’s departure, JCD on Snowden’s NSA surveillance time machine, quiet Section 702 reauthorization; Page’s Russian spy look, Navy Trident Scholar program, Georgetown University and CFR fellowship, ACC: “this guy’s a spook!”, Papadopoulos’ University College London degree, DHS spook Sam Clovis pushing Russia meetings, JCD on Papadopoulos indictment as FBI “extraction” (CotD); PBS on Rep. Adam Schiff trying to secure release of parallel Democrat memo, Nunes on investigation “phase two”; JCD on usefulness of “cover your ass” memos
0:34:20Rep. Will Hurd to NewsHour on use of “circular reporting” to obtain FISA warrant, JCD on FBI lack of loyalty for higher-ups in government, “rank and file” phrase from the chaise; Philip Mudd to CNN: “you better think again, Mr. President … we’ve been around since 1908
0:47:21Whistleblower Thomas Drake on being framed by FBI; Larry Nassar ignored by FBI for 14 months; JCD on Papadopoulos’ mistaken date “lie”; Donny Deutsch “we need a revolution” if Rosenstein fired; Adam Schiff on memo as Russia distraction; Parliament “buffoon” revisited
0:58:33Rep. Eric Swalwell accuses Tucker Carlson of advancing “Putin narrative because they’re retweeting this with their Russian bots”; PBS “public memo about the Russia investigation”; Maxine Waters: Trump “has divided Americans in ways no other moderen president has done”
1:11:46Fusion GPS payments to three journalists with names redacted, JCD: “journalist spooks”
1:14:15Producer Segment: “delish” and “sush”
1:25:52“Worse than Nixon” for Trump Rotation; LGBBTQQIAAPK “kink”; Prof. Jordan Peterson to Joe Rogan on living off Patreon: “I figured out how to monetize social justice warriors”
1:30:50Volkswagen under fire for experiments exposing monkeys and humans to diesel fumes
1:32:37Sexual Harassment Update: Uma Thurman accuses Harvey Weinstein of 1990s assault; Rose McGowan screaming match with transgender woman heckler; allegations against CAA agency with CSI Miami speech style, fake Golden Globes protest, “international rape factory”
1:48:03Katie Roiphe calls out Twitter feminist “thought police”; JCD on homeless woman lamenting “so much hate”; Elizabeth Warren’s hate-filled “male coworkers”; Michael Moore on “three original sins of America”; Edina MN school’s “racial equity” program, A is for Activist book
2:08:38Donation Segment: JCD on Fortean Times magazine
2:16:54Nancy Pelosi “President Bush, excuse me, President Trump” dementia continues
2:18:19Hawaii false alarm employee’s voice disguise, defamation lawsuit, Miyagi resignation; Keck Observatory missile interception; CDC’s Brenda Fitzgerald resigns due to tobacco investments
2:29:46US nuclear arsenal renovation; Russia moving in on disputed Iturup island off Japan
2:32:50EU trying to do away with British Summer Time; migrant gangs in Calais; Dow down 666
2:34:08Producer note on company loyalty; Guardian ditching internet ads, Wired all-in on podcasts
2:38:54LA middle schooler charged over backpack gun discharge, range time for JMD