Call Clooney!

1004 Micro Livestock (2018-02-01)

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0:00:00ACC: “I smelled a rat the minute I read the article.” JCD: “A rat!” (2:28:05)
0:00:36Grammy Awards: James Corden’s T-Rex arms from ill-fitting suit, Ken Ehrlich and anti-Trump jokes; ACC’s Nest thermostat drops offline; Camila Cabello U2 intro “this country was built by dreamers for dreamers”, JCD: “the other lefties should say slaves”, navel-less bare midriff; SZA all-seeing eye tattoo, Illuminati Target ad, fallen angel Lady Gaga; outrage over scarcity of awards for women; JCD on best-of albums not up for album of year
0:14:26Anti-Trump Fire and Fury audiobook audition skit, Kardashian “krrrp”, Hillary “in the bag”
0:20:09State of the Union: Van Jones “sweet-tasting candy with poison in it”, Paul Ryan “honor of prevent… presenting to you the President” Freudian slip; Democrats set up to look like a-holes for refusing to applaud, Joe Manchin on being the exception; out-of-phase microphones and Mussolini-like Trump clapping into lapel mic; Melania’s “grim Eastern European look”; North Korean escapee on crutches; Maxine Waters on making room for millennial podcasters
0:38:20“Drooling” Joe Kennedy response with car wreck background; Joe Crowley racism and Russia memes; DACA proposal including path to citizenship; Pelosi “chewing on her cud” due to Alzheimer’s, Illuminati “hooting with the owls”, “increased funding for opioids” on agenda
0:47:54Immigration talking point compilation: Dick Durbin on “chain migration” as slavery reference; Kirsten Gillibrand The View “chained migration”, JCD: “this is Roseanne Roseannadanna!”; DACA “hostage” meme, Cory “Mola Ram” Booker Nazi meme, ACC: “I still think he looks like RuPaul without the wig”; speech forgotten by media in light of positive poll numbers
0:57:28Updated JCD Trump Rotation list; Elizabeth Warren blue clothing “party faux pas”; Joe Kennedy’s Howard Dean scream moment; “Cheeseburgler” meme
1:05:40Producer Segment: halal chickens, “rapist” dairy farmers; more Facebag evangelical-bashing
1:29:47Trains Good Planes Bad: Amtrak train with GOP lawmakers collides with garbage truck in Virginia, producer note on previous day’s police checkpoint; emotional support peacock rejected by United Airlines, JCD on “emotional support mammal” children flying for free
1:36:45NBC on FBI “grave concerns” over release of Devin Nunes memo, immigration non sequitur; incoherent Pelosi stuttering iso; FBI press office statement on “material omissions of fact” in memo, ACC: “it would be crazy to release it now”, JCD on FBI replacing dossier information
1:53:06MSNBC’s John Heilemann suggests Nunes a “Russian agent”, Sen. Chris Murphy reduced to spluttering; “unhinged” Dimension A predicting memo read as part of State of the Union
1:56:33ABC on Rod Rosenstein “are you on my team” loyalty test, “defended the special counsel”, Comey “I need loyalty”, McCabe resignation whipsaws; ACC on loyalty and organized crime
2:06:26Nicole Kidman eating “micro livestock” bugs for Vanity Fair, ACC: “she’s a reptile!” (CotD)
2:10:15Donation Segment: ACC “ten-four good buddy”; JCD TDI “best podcast on the air”
2:21:10Virginia House Bill 1592 to require obscene content blockers on internet-enabled devices; fornication a Class 4 misdemeanor, Class 3 misdemeanor for “frequenting a bawdy place”
2:27:58Wells Fargo and Google all-in on government 5G plan to stymie China
2:30:02University of Exeter hydrogen sulfide therapy becomes “smelling your partner’s farts” headline
2:34:11Law & Order: SVU portrayal of Trump supporter: “couple of libtards on my case”
2:36:00Hawaii false missile alarm “exercise exercise exercise”, “are you sure” computer prompt, “he or she” female employee, off-script text on speakerphone, ACC: “this may have been a gag”
2:41:58James Franco’s artwork painted over at alma mater Palo Alto High School
2:45:00Super Bowl LII prediction: Philadelphia Eagles; ACC forgets TtK and CVC at Marconi Award