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1003 Doomsday Sandwich (2018-01-28)

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0:00:00JCD: “They all hate the baby, I hate the baby!” (2:44:21)
0:00:32ACC’s Marconi Award presented by Frits Spits, nine-minute speech at top of program; KLM return trip wrong date and wrong destination nightmare, seat behind economy comfort curtain
0:08:53Delta emotional support animal crackdown, “albino African pygmy hedgehog named Snickers”
0:11:40Dutch intelligence agency AIVD taking credit for Russian DNC hack warning, “CNN affiliate” Nederlandse Omroep Stichting, elitist Eelco Bosch van Rosenthal to CNN on hacked Red Square security camera, bogus “phishing e-mail to the White House”, AIVD “pissed” at credit
0:20:11Joe Scarborough Mueller firing timeline, “when Flynn wouldn’t do it” botch, Mika “rudimentary beginnings of the destruction of a democracy”; ABC breaking news from June; JCD on leak prior to White House “remodeling” bug sweep, CIA and Snowden-style filtering; Trump “open for business” whipsaw, firing “confirmed by ABC News”, Chris Ruddy warning, Mueller after FBI position; NBC pundit: “ordering the firing of Bob Mueller” obstruction proof
0:36:48NBC misleading “Trump Booed at Davos” headline and sweetened audio; Trump “cheerleader” comment for business leaders vs Obama’s self-deprecation against US, thanks for “pouring billions of dollars into our country, or ten dollars into our country”; George Soros “danger to the world”, “purely temporary phenomenon that will disappear in 2020 or even sooner”, predicts “Democratic landslide in 2018”, social media “public utilities” net neutrality push
0:47:36State net neutrality legislation; Burger King MBPS “making burgers per second” ad
0:55:53Doomsday Clock set to two seconds to midnight, “cusp of a new arms race”
0:58:03Hillary “activist bitches supporting bitches”; 2008 campaign advisor harassment accusation
1:00:57Sexual Harassment Update: Canadian party leaders and Trudeau minister step down
1:01:48Producer Segment: open-source ad blocker; bogus MSM “younger demo” wish
1:16:43Sexual Harassment Update: Rosanna Arquette outs female agents trying to shut her up; 20/20 on Michigan State code of silence, “not a single one of them reported, not one” iso; Ontario party leader Patrick Brown rejects allegations, Trudeau on Kent Hehr’s “you’re yummy”
1:27:14Amazon Echo to ignore “sexist language”; MSNBC ties Steve Wynn “hush money” to Trump, “most of us would rather talk about sex” Freudian slip, German-speaking dogs meme; ABC Trump “good friend” Wynn whipsaw; donating or returning “dirty money” meme
1:41:00Las Vegas shooter’s brother Bruce Paddock arrested for child pornography
1:44:50ABC all-in on Tamiflu as prophylactic; 2009 BBC warning against Tamiflu for children
1:49:06ACC’s Facebag squabble with MTV alumna’s “let’s minimize them” white evangelicals post; American woman arrested for calling Frankfurt Airport security Nazis; tennis player Tennys Sandgren on Twitter following controversy, JCD: “everybody’s a white supremacist now”
2:05:04Employee responsible for Hawaii missile false alarm “not cooperating” with FCC; Portland DOT plane crash false alarm; 2005 UN prediction of 50M climate change refugees
2:09:32University of Manchester scientists blame sandwiches for global warming, use-by date reforms
2:14:18Donation Segment: ACC on “angel numbers”; JCD’s bowling skills
2:28:47Upcoming JCD wine report and sorghum cookery; US restaurants going cashless, Amazon Go stores, ACC on making change vs Common Core, homeless discrimination case
2:36:16Vladimir Putin outed as Beatles fan; RT’s Margarita Simonyan turns tables on 60 Minutes
2:42:12California births declining due to millennials; Buzzkill Jr’s Michigan experience (JCDPPotD)
2:44:55Larry Summers chokes over tax cut bonuses; Nikki Haley responds to Trump affair rumor
2:50:13San Francisco impotent in face of car break-in epidemic, JCD: “it’s a terrible place!”