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1002 Ras-Putin (2018-01-24)

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0:00:00JCD: “The worm came out of his nose!” (2:24:49)
0:00:36JCD’s bag of sorghum; ACC at Schiphol Airport hotel, “it’s like living at the mall”, awakened by pilot announcing early arrival, power supply MacGyvered out of nine-volt batteries
0:06:19World Economic Forum dominating news, European fist emoji; Italian PM: “we are a very, very stable country”, Silvio Berlusconi “the man who can save Italy from populism~”; Theresa May’s German skills; Turks clash with Kurds in Düsseldorf; Poles irked at Tusk and Timmermans; Valdis Dombrovskis on regulating Bitcoin for “less anonymity and more traceability”
0:16:12CoinMarketCap havoc due to missing Korean data; Marc Benioff compares Facebook to tobacco, JCD irked with KPIX “Fake News Awards” whipsaw and six distinct stories; Facebook pushing “high quality” news sources, ACC’s YouTube “strike” for bare-butt CVC baby photo
0:28:47Schiff and Feinstein demanding answers about Russian bots in “release the memo” campaign
0:36:39Rep. John Ratcliffe on FBI “secret society” messages; JFK on dangers of “official censorship and concealment”; Joe DiGenova on “brazen plot to illegally exonerate Hillary Clinton”, disappearing text messages; Hillary’s “hang from the same noose” and Ezra Klein’s JournoList
0:48:56KPIX “third mayorrr” iso; ABC vs CBS on Trump’s willingness to be interviewed by Robert Mueller; CNN on efforts to declassify “the memo”, cyber sound effects, “I, Donald John Trump” whipsaw, Russians at inauguration “getting close enough to shake the President’s hand”, JCD: “they were the only ones there, apparently”
0:57:03ABC “dreamers need not worry” lie with Trump “we love the dreamers” whipsaw
1:00:14Producer Segment
1:06:12Democrats “caved” compilation; Schumer’s unsuccessful bid for “Trump shutdown” meme; ABC February 8 DACA “looming deadline” lie, actual expiration in March; Andrew Napolitano on California proposal registering illegal aliens to vote in local elections, JCD on problem of Real ID compliance; racist and merit-based diversity lottery excluding Canada
1:22:27Dan Rather’s gig with The Young Turks on YouTube, ACC: “that’s worse than podcasting”, JCD on single stations calling themselves “networks”; Jimmy Fallon “This Week in Words”
1:27:20Scientific American on cholesterol drugs and memory, JCD on oversized rotation list
1:31:31Hawaii Governor claims he couldn’t remember Twitter password; producer note on FEMA password incompetence; potential CNN joker on site; bogus tsunami warning off Alaskan coast with eight-inch wave, “oh my gosh it’s an earthquake” footage, militaristic “not a drill”
1:42:45NPR on Oscar-nominated Get Out’s “incredibly heroic” TSA agent
1:48:45Durham University researchers blame global warming for shrinking goats
1:49:03Michigan State University billing victims of Dr. Larry Nassar, JCD on resentful female staff; The View rakes Megyn Kelly over the coals for Jane Fonda and Vietnam comments, “Jane should have just said to her, and how much work have you had, bitch?” (CotD)
2:01:33Newscaster’s “Vladimir Pyootin” associating Putin with Rasputin
2:02:43Donation Segment: ACC on baby-toting man at airport, JCD “local lesbians and their man”
2:12:47US poised to lead world in oil production, Russia financing anti-fracking operaions; British comedy The Death of Stalin; no Oscar for Christopher Plummer, boring SAG-AFTRA
2:20:04JCD recommends salmon marinated in sake-kasu to avoid sushi worms, nose worm meta-story
2:25:07Capetown water crisis debunked; millennial savings up, ACC: “too bad it’s all in Bitcoin”
2:29:34Rex Tillerson: Syria “has empowered groups that kill American soldiers such as al-Qaeda”
2:33:57NBC on DPRK missile reaching “all the way down to Mar-a-Lago”; Olympic torch progress