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1001 Sexual Terrorism (2018-01-21)

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0:00:00JCD: “Mocked, we’ve mocked.” ACC: “We’ve mocked, we’ve mocked it. Mock!” (1:26:04)
0:00:36JCD drinking Sainsbury’s Red Label tea
0:01:43Natalie Portman at Women’s March on “environment of sexual terrorism” after The Professional role (BCotD); Rob Reiner: “the women have given us the power”; Trump: US one of seven countries allowing late-term abortions; Morning Edition “so-called March for Life”
0:15:10Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, and Megyn Kelly “mean girl stuff”; The Guardian on sexual harassment and assault at UN; March On appropriating feminism for politics
0:18:33ACC’s government shutdown e-mail barrage, funny White House answering machine message
0:20:28Rep. Matt Gaetz calls on Congress to release “important intelligence document”; Sara Carter to Hannity: expected Hillary win “why they got so lazy”; ACC’s GOP “chip in” messages; ACC “shithole” PR theory; Al Green “rises to explain” shutdown: “we got a great deal-breaker in the White House!”; White House “obstructionist losers” statement, “Schumer shutdown”
0:33:12C-SPAN idiot: “when we get back pay then we get taxed on it, so it’s not good all around”; disputes 2013 $20bn cost; drunk or not drunk Pelosi “pay fors, how is that, or is it pay for” iso, Trump needling, “dispositive”, “today we’re talking about martial law”
0:52:18Producer note on Sudafed causing slurred speech when combined with Propecia
0:56:12Dutch freelance TV crew arrested for trying to sneak fake bomb through Newark Airport; Delta Airlines cracking down on emotional support animal “urination, defecation, and biting”, JCD story: two dogs and mystery man from limo in Paris restaurant
1:06:02Producer Segment: attempt to replicate Wi-Fi cress experiment; Wednesday Show 2002
1:18:10Phrase From the Chaise: “get your goat” origin with 1910 Navy football mascot
1:22:22Child on Tamiflu hallucinates “bugs on her body and the Devil’s voice in her ear”, ACC on incompatibility with mist vaccine; CBC Quirks and Quarks on cocaine “vaccine” mechanism, JCD groans at “platform strategy”; cocaine overdose as anaphylactic shock
1:31:12Free Fallin’ used as background for all stories of Tom Petty’s accidental overdose
1:37:04Turkish “Operation Olive Branch” attacking Kurdish militia in Manbij “man bitch” Syria
1:41:14CBS on arrest of parents of thirteen imprisoned children, “the kids were homeschooled”
1:46:45NSA deletes Bush-era Stellar Wind surveillance data, JCD: “poor Binney”
1:48:46Capetown South Africa poised to run out of water, ACC: “here’s my search term: Capetown, water, Chinese”; Austin unable to jettison fluoride, sucking up to Silicon Valley
1:53:00Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf: “bully-in-chief” threatening illegals, “legal right to be a sanctuary city”, ironic “no need for our department to damage its reputation”; ABC on Florida anchor babies “status symbols” in Russia, Trump condo leases, JCD on birthright citizenship for freed slaves; Hicks’ The American Nation on “40 acres and a mule” vs three-year rentals
2:06:57EU Novel Foods Regulation 258/97, ACC: “they want the Europeans to eat bugs”
2:08:25Donation Segment: JCD on Kuala Lumpur twin towers and North Carolina accents
2:31:25False alarm from North Carolina nuclear power plant; Twitter e-mail warning for those following “Russian trolls”, “machine learning” efforts; Volkskrant journalist admits reclassifying non-white people to avoid racist label; ACC on iOS autocorrect for sexist “guys”
2:44:45NFL United Way ad supposedly predicting Patriots vs Vikings in Super Bowl
2:47:20JCD irked by Amy Goodman’s Breitbart “described as an online haven for white nationalists”
2:49:16Child pornography on Steven Paddock’s nonexistent hard drive; Thomas Hazlett on net neutrality vs unregulated 1990s DSL; JCD spots “old-fashioned Democrat” C-SPAN caller