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1000 Hijab Hoax (2018-01-18)

Show 1000 album art
0:00:00JCD: “It’s got porn!” (1:52:25)
0:00:32Show 1000 party horn; Rev. Manning: “they’re sayin’ that all Hell is gonna break loose and you’re gonna need a Bitcoin”, Geoff Smith It’s Your Bitcoin and On the Facebag jingles
0:04:14Hawaii IPAWS Giant Voice System, 3 of 150 approved vendors chosen by FEMA, no approval system for retractions; “so-called but-ton”,“waiting for permission” debunked; Everbridge “are you sure” prompt, system bought from Gomez Inc made in China; former CIA case officer Jerry Chun Shing Lee arrested for spying; August Guam panic after Kin Jong-un threat; Japanese fugu contamination scare; JCD on Amber Alert system coopted for traffic info
0:23:03Tim Cook sparks real estate bubble by announcing new campus; Silicon Valley charter buses attacked; ABC on Apple paying $38bn in repatriation taxes, absurd “it sounds like President Trump’s tax bill has been a huge windfall for Apple”, crappy audio in Tim Cook edits
0:33:13Martin Kaplan “91 different television shows” revisited; Madam Secretary “25th Amendment or impeachment”, actor channeling Trump with “my generals, my admirals”, “it’s a goddamn coup”, Section 3 vs Section 4; NPR “goddamn” policy; Trump medical exam timing
0:49:23White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson on medical exam: Montreal Cognitive Assessment performance, “God bless the United Shashe” and Sudafed; “healthiest individual” question dodge, all-in on Purell, drug and sexual addiction; Sanjay Gupta on coronary calcium score of 133, “the President has heart disease”; 239 pounds skepticism, ACC on pseudo-letterboxed Ann Wilson video, Trump’s Photoshop double chin, If It Rings True It Is True jingle
1:13:07Producer Segment, JCD story: fired on vacation from Silicon Spin; ACC’s jar of pennies
1:54:44University of Toronto Prof. Jordan Peterson fries brain of BBC interviewer Cathy Newman: “in order to be able to think, you have to risk being offensive”
2:03:28Jeff Flake: “our own president uses words infamously spoken by Josef Stalin”; Paul Begala: “he would like to be like Duterte, Assad, Putin, Stalin; that’s his goal, he’s an autocrat”
2:08:42Trump Fake News Awards: “defiantly overfed fish”, JCD: “fuck you, fish!”, Krugman “economy would never recover” at top of list; Dalhousie University “emergency hijab kits” story debunked
2:19:01Andrew Stein: Trump “doesn’t have an ounce of racism in him”, plane for Haiti supplies, JCD: “get him off!”; Joy Reid shuts down Stephanie Hamill for “rolling out crazy conspiracy theories”; Victoria Nuland’s new gig as CEO of Center for a New American Security
2:31:22Producer note on Google’s corporate Dimension B culture, “glorified state machine” AI; potential ICE raids in San Francisco; “ten minutes of tents” homeless encampment video, JCD on “stick with a head on it” scenario, Boom! jingle, ACC on Austin tech douchebags with Ferraris, homeless “clients”;, torrent archive and GitHub repository
2:46:09CNBC on YouTube reviewing videos for ad safety
2:53:41Donation Segment
3:24:12Sexual Harassment Update: Ashleigh Banfield calls out Aziz Ansari’s unnamed “bad date” accuser, “burgundy lipstick, bad highlights, second-wave feminist has-been” catfight
3:31:37Valet receipt puts Marilou Danley in Vegas on day of shooting; “broken” security video
3:33:52Ask Adam: DUI law change that “scientists” predict will save lives
3:36:02Jean-Claude Juncker proposes EU seal of approval for news, invites UK back in after Brexit
3:38:57Government shutdown rumblings; Lindsey Graham in 2013 on immigrants from “hellholes”
3:43:20Media pushing rapid flu test instead of vaccine, Puerto Rican IV bag shortage
2:46:07Mark Hall on Gülen Harmony Schools’ Soner Tarim’s strategic marriage to Nancy Li