Over the last few years of listening to the No Agenda Show, I have put together the occasional jingle, some of which have been played, some not. For those who are interested, here is most everything I have done, in chronological order from oldest down to newest.

Jingle Comments Status Play/Download
Feikushima 「フェークシマ」 A proposed opening for the Fake-a-shima segment back when Fukushima fear-mongering was a news cycle staple. Alas, it fell out of the news cycle before Adam could ever (if he liked it) use it. It's a mash-up of music found on YouTube, with the voice being the Mac OS X speech synth "Kyoko," because — as I told Adam — "I currently lack a female Japanese native speaker to do my bidding." (I must say, that is damn good speech synthesis!) Ethnomusicologists will likely cringe at this biwa and ko-tsuzumi pairing. Unplayed
88 & 73 Proposed replacement for the old-style Morse code "88" and "73," generated by my CW Station software. At the time it seemed to sound cleaner. I believe Adam adopted the "73" and kept the old "88." Pseudo-evergreen?
TWiT Dude Named Ben Jason Chaffetz' "dude named Ben" set to the catchy This Week in Tech tune. Bonus: JCD's "Gibson's nuts" (referring to Steve Gibson) from TWiT #451. I don't think Adam cares for his little BSoD quote at the end — I have considered removing it. Played end-of-show & by request
Obama Porky Pig Pretty much self-explanatory, I guess. First played on Show 658. Porky Pig song courtesy of (where else) YouTube. Evergreen
Dr. Kiki Trelawney Dr. Kiki's "it was worth it!" mashup with Professor Sybil Trelawney in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. A minor fit of inspiration that turned out to be something of a dud. This is in spite of the fact that it's probably the most complex GarageBand project represented here (which isn't necessarily saying much). Unplayed
TWiT Fry In response to the Show 711 vocal fry segment I go into one-trick pony mode. Played end-of-show
I Go To An Extreme In response to JCD's frequent use of the phrase "to an extreme," I set a mashup to a familiar Billy Joel tune. Played
A View To a Kill Kill Kill One of James Comey's ISIS "kill kill kill" memes wrapped in Duran Duran goodness. Unplayed
Obama "No No No" Tabla The first, and IMHO least, of the Obama "no no no" jingles. Getting the alignment right in Garageband was nigh impossible. If you have good ears you can hear it go off the rails at the end of the frenetic tabla section. Pseudo-evergreen
Gray's Donation Clips Not a jingle at all, but rather two clips I pulled from a Radiolab show (Adam's favorite!) released a suspiciously short time after the first Planned Parenthood documentaries came to light, basically extolling the virtues of fetal tissue donations. Coincidence, I think not! Unplayed
Two-channel Buzzer The "new" No Agenda left-channel-only buzzer massaged into a less annoying form and tweeted to Adam. I think this, or something nearly identical, has been adopted as of Show 797, but I am not sure. Pseudo-evergreen?
North Korean Juice A mashup requested by Sir Reddy Kilowatt on Show 801's producer segment – alas unfulfillable by Adam. Perhaps we can think of this as a producer-created make-good. Unplayed

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