Terminus Est 0.9.12alpha

Mac OS X GUI for the foma finite-state machine library

GPL License

Open Source (OSI) Logo

Click for a 368K screen shot of Terminus Est in action.

Download Terminus Est 0.9.12alpha (800K). 32/64 bit Universal Binary.
Source code available on request. We haven't determined yet how the two codebases fit and I made some yucky changes to foma proper,
so for now I want to discourage tinkering with what almost amounts to a temporary fork.
Please note that this software is an incomplete alpha version; it is somewhat usable but is really only suited to testing. Use at your own risk.


This software is only for Mac OS X 10.5 and later. I do not plan to support earlier OS versions.


Fixed or Added in this Release


Made With Cocoa

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